If you can get a good quality scan of the Fire Nation spa that'd be awesome! I love the look of that place (it's on page 89) :D

unfortunately the picture is small even on the page and it was impossible to get a good quality scan :/ a pity because it’s so beautiful…

Do you have the Avatar- The Art of The animated series book? If not I highly suggest you get it! It might give you cool ideas for edits :)


i have it and love it!! and as a matter of fact i have a bunch of scans of it that i’m planning to post…wait for it


ATLA Scenery - Book 3 - One picture from every episode (part 2) 

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This blog is so so so coolll


Thanks, i try! ;)

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I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO GLAD I FOUND IT AMAZING EDITING!! I love this series!!! any chance you can do more of the all blue water tribe images. including the koi pond?! Also please tell me your favorite moments from the series!

Thank you sweetie <3 i think i already posted all the pictures i have of those but i’ll see what i can do :)

favorite moments? for one, i love the flashback in “the southern air temple” expecially the transiction from gyatso patting aang’s head to the present with his statue :””’( (forever crying about that) then the ending of course and “hello zuko here”, “little soldier boy” and and…there’s just too much to say!! gosh i love this series too *_____*

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Thanks for such an amazing blog. I love to see my blog just covered in beautiful scenery like this, so thanks. :)


It’s my pleasure!! thank you very much ^_^


ATLA Scenery - Book 3: Fire - One picture from every episode (part 1)

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 ba sing se / impenetrable city / capital of the earth kingdom

heyy what do you feel about korra book 3? Isnt it great? anyway i love your blog so yéah

it’s looking very good!! and it’s actually making me love the new krew while before i was rather meh about them: this is an impressing feat by itself

the animation is simply beautiful (new scenery to collect *___*), the jokes are better, the villains are awesome and i actually don’t hate them yay!! (i usually despise villains) and the AIRBENDERS ARE BACK!!! i swear i’ve always been as upset as aang about their extintion and now they’re back…*cries grandma tears*

the only think i hope they’ll do is actually dealing with bumi and the fact that he JUST GOT AIRBENDING after a lifetime of wanting it…he shouldn’t just be like “oh yeah isn’t it great i’m an airbender now”, it should be a really big thing for him dammit! >.< but don’t mind me and my bumi feels

it’s great though yeah…

and thank you very much!! :)

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Thank you so much for making this blog it's gorgeous;;

thank you sweetie!! :D